The system is built as a fully automated system.

The system can contain and control: a 150 to 1000 l/min compressor, 1 to 5 gas banks, a mixing panel/cabinet for mixing the different gases, a valve panel/cabinet for distributing the gases between the mixing panels, gas banks and gas outlets.

1 to 5 Stainless steel filling panels, with handles, hoses and supports for dive cylinders.

The whole system can be controlled by a 7" to 15” touch screen controller, with 1 to 4 smaller touch screens, for local control and supervision of the filling outlets.


Continuous gas supply up to 240 liters a minute.

“Boost supply” with filled banks up to 2400 liter a minute.

Gas mixes with an oxygen content of 100%.

Internal system pressure up to 630 bars.

M26 x 2 outputs with flow stop and flow restrictions to meet dive cylinder materials.

Available with TRIMIX and HELIOX.

Empetying of supply gas cylinders down to 15 bars

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