Our Basic Mixer is designed to meet the common needs to mix nitrox from 22% to 40% oxygen.

Basic DiveGas models feature everything needed to mix safely, accurately and easily.

To date we have not seen manufacturers that can offer such advanced, secure, easy and reliable mixers.


  • Oxygen mixing tube for connection to the intake at the filling plant / compressor.
  • Oxygen mixing valve and oxygen safety valve.
  • 2 pcs. Oxygen sensors, one for measurement and one for control of the mixture.
  • Monochrome 5.7 "touch screen-operated controls, with Basic © software.
  • Relay output for start and stop of the compressor.
  • Input for compressor operation, 24VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC or 230VAC.
  • Power Supply, 100VAC to 240VAC.
  • Data Bank for 25 users.
  • Three user levels.
  • Maintenance / monitoring alarms and hour counters.

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