Summary has produced a filling station that allows your customers to fill their bottles outside the normal opening hours. Customers are created with user ID and a code, an amount to fill and a liter price.

When the customer fills his bottles, the volume is measured and the customer's account counts down the specified price per liter. 

Once the account is empty, the account is blocked for Use. Everything on the system is controlled by a touch-screen operated controls that keeps track of customer access and consumption. 

All functions are intuitive and designed for easy use.


  • Log in: The costumer logs in using a user ID and a Code to access the units filling functions.
  • Information: When the customer logges in, the account status is shown. After the bottles are connected to the outlets, the pressure in the bottles are shown. When the start button is pressed, the filling is started.
  • Language: The filling station comes with 5 different languages. English, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Languages can be added if necessary.
  • Settings: Inside the system its possible for the administrator to change settings regarding bank size, compressor flow, transmitter scaling, pressure ect.
  • Creat customers: Customers are created easily with a user ID and a Code. This can be done directly on the touch screen, or in the software and then transferred by a USB pin or Ethernet.
  • Software: ”Plug-in” program for Excel gives the possibility to create costumers easy and simple. Customers can the be transferred by a USB pin or an Ethernet connection.


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